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Submission definition and meaning Collins English Dictionary.
Submission is a state in which people can no longer do what they want to do because they have been brought under the control of someone else. The army intends to take the city or simply starve it into submission.
The IEEE Article Submission Process IEEE Author Center Journals.
After checking that your article complies with the target journals submission guidelines, you are ready to submit. Click the Submit Your Manuscript button on the journals home page on IEEE Xplore. You will be taken to the journals online submission system, which will walk you through the submission process.
Submission Guidelines arXiv e-print repository. contact arXiv. subscribe to arXiv mailings.
Edit or replace your submission. No additional versions are generated when edits are done before the submission is publicly announced. The date stamp associated with the submission will be the time that the final Submit" Article" step is completed. Edits and final submission before 1400: US Eastern Time EDT/EST Monday through Friday will not delay announcement.
SUBMISSION meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary.
submission to sb/sth The Audit Committee has reviewed the financial statements prior to submission to the Board for approval. submission of sth The treaty stipulates basic standards for electronic submission of patents. a document, plan, etc. that is formally sent to a person or group in authority so that they can make a decision about it.:
Submissions: Company: Dark Horse Comics.
SIGNED SUBMISSION AGREEMENT. Dark Horse has the highest regard for creators and for the ownership of original properties, and this agreement should in no way be misconstrued as license for Dark Horse to appropriate your creations. This agreement protects Dark Horse from any liabilities involving coincidental similarities to works-in-progress or other submissions.
Submissions Chronicle Books.
Anything from photocopies to tear sheets will do. If we are interested in your submission, you can expect to hear from us within six months after we receive your submission. Chronicle Books will not respond to an unsolicited submission unless interested in publishing it.
Submission Guidelines Project Syndicate.
The submission must be exclusive to Project Syndicate. Submissions that have been published elsewhere in any form and in any language, in print or online, will not be considered. The submission should be made directly by the author or authors staff.
Routledge CRC Press Authors How To Publish With Us.
We look forward to receiving your submission. Using the appropriate proposal form listed here, prepare your book proposal and send your submission to the appropriate Editorial contact from the list on our website who will be experienced in your subject area.
Submissions Letters to the Editor Poetry Foundation. agenda. angle-down. angle-left. angleRight. arrow-down. arrowRight. bars. calendar. caret-down. cart. children. highlight. learningResources. list. mapMarker. openBook. p1. pin. poetry-magazine. print.
It is our goal to make sure each submission gets a good read. Adhering to our single submission of four poems or fewer at a time will help insure a timely response to your work. Please ensure that you set your e-mail spam filter to allow mail from both and; otherwise notification regarding your submission may be marked as junk mail.
Convention on Biological Diversity.

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